Friday, April 19, 2013

Subjects of Interest

Just a little insight into what I'm planning:

My hope is to attack many issues with this blog. Many are benign but many are controversial. I will try to be as objective as a subjective entity can attempt, and hopefully explain all points of view accurately. I will also give my own views and assessments on each subject with enough weight and evidence that it is hopefully unarguable. This is not, however, with hope of not being scrutinized. So, by all means, send your complaints. If there is fault, I will be happy to appeal. Being reasonable means, being able to accept logical criticism as well as being able to evolve one's thinking when new knowledge and evidence is revealed. If I feel your scrutiny or criticism is inaccurate, then I will produce a rebuttal. Argumentation, debating, and critical conversation are some of the best tools for discovering and understanding truth. 

I'm certain I will be able to come up with more issues to write about, but the list I have at the moment is as follows (probably not in this order and quite possibly more than once depending on the subject and its complexity).
  1. Gun Control
  2. Abortion
  3. Human Rights (social)
  4. Consciousness
  5. Morality/Ethics
  6. Scientific Experiment vs Animal Rights
  7. Education
  8. Food Processing and Farming
  9. Religion
  10. Evolution
I can already think of many more, but ten seems like a good start. Plus, considering many, like the subjects of Religion, Evolution, Education, and maybe a couple others, there will be multiple post per subject.

I hope to have the next post written soon.


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