Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Why I'm a 7 on Dawkins' Atheist Scale.

First, it should be noted, for those who do not know, The Dawkins' Scale is a measurement of belief or disbelief in god (see image to the right). Dawkins himself claims to be a 6.9. I, as the title suggests, am a very solid 7. It is unusual for someone in the science field to pick something with certainty. For accuracy, most scientist make approximations accounting for estimated uncertainty. But not all things have any uncertainty that should be accounted for. An example I'm fond of is: There is no such thing as a married bachelor. This is easy enough to see: to be a bachelor means to be unmarried. This requires no estimation for uncertainty, and I am going to attempt to prove that the idea of god does not require it either.

For utility, god is the creator, of everything, of time, of existence. This is a suggestion that there was, once, no existence, no matter, no time, no space. This would have to be, as nonexistence is the correct medium for which to create existence. The problem here, lies in the medium: nonexistence.

It's quite an odd thing to think about. Imagine you found nothing, an area of nonexistence. As you are within existence, it must exist and would have some dimensions to it. It would be explainable. This thing we are speaking of could not be nonexistence. 

Nonexistence has no dimension, cannot be recognized, and cannot be defined. This very effort is a contradiction. Nonexistence would have to be an absolute. Either there is existence or there is nonexistence, there cannot be both. More importantly, nonexistence cannot exist. Just trying to say it exists in a sentence is a contradiction (in the same way that saying a "bachelor is married"). 

"Nonexistence exists." 

See what I mean. 

It should be noted that if god is real he would exist, but as such could not exist in nonexistence (a statement that is littered with nonsense and contradictions). Still, to promote temporal causes, god would have to be real, and to create reality, there would first have to be no reality. The very medium in which god could use to make everything, nonexistence, by definition cannot exist. Therefore, the utility of a creator makes no sense. In this way, with respect to existence, creation makes no sense. 

The only possible answer to why there is a presence of existence is that there cannot be the absence of existence. There must always be an existence.

A creator cannot exist. Not "may not" or "probably can't", but absolutely cannot exist. And if creator is what god is...then god cannot exist. 

Thank you.


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